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2-Pack Oxy-Spa Non-chlorine Hot Tub & Pool MPS Shock 2 x 2lb. (4 Lbs. Total) Price: $28.95 $24.94 (as of 07/10/2017 12:46 PST- Details)

(2) 2-lb. Bottles (4 lbs. total)
Granular Monopersulfate Shock
Unsurpassed quality – Equals or outperforms all other brands

Product Description

Oxy Spa Non-chlorine MPS spa & pool oxidizing shock is the shock remedy that acts right away. Oxy Spa rids hot bathtub water of residual soaps, deodorants, herbal oils and natural subject matter build-up in spa water. Temporarily breaks down contaminants comparable to perspiration, lotion and cosmetic residue. The removing of this international topic is very important for nice water high quality.

Odorless for your spa or pool. Is helping transparent cloudy water at the same time as getting rid of the related odors. You can not purchase higher MPS compound at any value. Lets in for fast spa use after software.

Examine to Recreational Time Renew, Rendezvous Turn on or some other logo of MPS shock. We ensure Oxy-Spa to equivalent or outperform all different brands! Why? OxySpa has the very best Energetic oxygen degree, which determines surprising effectiveness. Virtually each and every different logo provides fillers.

Product notes: Prime Efficiency Monopersulfate Compound (potassium peroxymonosulfate, 42.8%). Energetic oxygen degree is 4.three%. Use on the charge of 1 half – 2 ounces. in step with 500 gallons of water upon startup.
(2) 2-lb. Bottles (four lbs. overall)
Granular Monopersulfate Shock
Unsurpassed high quality – Equals or outperforms all different brands
Most effectiveness in swimming pools and hot tubs
Best $1 extra transport for each and every further 2- %. STOCK UP & SAVE!!


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