Automatic Pool Chlorinator Bromine Feeder Dispenser Chlorinator 9 Lbs Off-line Price: $46.12 (as of 07/10/2017 13:22 PST- Details)

Off-Line Chlorinator completely enclosed no escaping fumes
Fits off line to most PVC; 9 lbs tablet capacity
Easy Lok threaded cover for safe and convenient access to add tablets or sticks

Product Description

An automated pool chlorinator or brominator is probably the most value efficient choice to be had lately for Keeping up chlorine ranges for your pool. Keeping up your pool will likely be a lot more more straightforward now with this chlorinator as you will not wish to fear about handling any further unhealthy and messy chemical substances to stay your water transparent

This new aftermarket automated chlorine feeder is very similar to the Hayward CL220 automated chemical feeder however with out the top value of the key logo identify. Makes use of the similar Hayward CL220 replacement O-ring.
Plumbing kit comprises: 8 toes. hose, 2 saddle clamps, 4 compression nuts, 1 take a look at valve, 2 saddle fittings w/ gaskets, teflon tape). Connects 1-1/2″ or 2″ PVC Plumbing. (Now not To be used with copper pipes.).
Note: Chemical feeders will have to all the time be put in after a pool heater.
Off-Line Chlorinator totally enclosed no escaping fumes
Suits off line to so much PVC; 9 lbs pill capability
Simple Lok threaded duvet for protected and handy get right of entry to so as to add capsules or sticks
Off-line chlorinator is going off-line close to pool apparatus to supply a gradual quantity of chlorine to sanitize the pool. To be used with 3″ chlorine capsules or sticks.
Application In/Above Flooring Swimming pools


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