Product Description

Note: Please do not recommended for use in chlorinated water. And Waterproof for use outside, but not for use under water.

Suggest to buy more than 5 In order to better show the effect of SOLAR floating pool light !

Product Weight: 0.2KG, Dimension: 110*110*110mm

Package Content:
1x Solar floating pool light
1. The solar floating light is ideal for night the time lighting of the garden,lawn,patio walks or wherever needed.You can also charge the light outdoors the use as indoor illumination.
2. Built-in solar panel absorbs sunlight to power led lights; Provides up to 8 hrs of nighttime illumination; Floats on the surface of pool, lake or pond, The independently operating lights have an average run time of 8 to 10 hours (No power cord needed).
3. It is of our latest improved solar panel providing better performance and prolonged usage time,The solar panel converts sunlight during the day time and recharge the battery. At night the light turn on automatically.

Basic Info:
Light Source: 1* F5 Bright LED
Lamp Body Material: PC Plastic,Corrosion protection
Battery:Ni-MH 600mA
Solar Panel: 2V 60mAh
Illumination Time:10h once fully charged.
Charging Time (H): 8
Usage: Pool, Pond, Reservoirs, lakes, parks, hanging in a tree, Hanging on the curtain, Hanging on the door, in the lawn.

Note: the light body does not crash, do not waterproof pressure, do not prevent the shock, Only can be naturally placed on the surface of the water, do not sink into the water or throw into the water, otherwise it may cause water seepage caused by The water pressure is too high and shock loose the sealing layer of the product, so that to affect or damage to the product;This factor is not in the scope of quality assurance !