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Hasa Chlorinating Granules 2lbs 61122
Hasa 61122
helps to keep the pool free of algae and bacteria

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Hasa Chlorinating Granules 2lbs 61122 SUPER-STRENGTH FORMULA HELPS TO MAINTAIN A CLEAR, SPARKLING POOL FREE FROM ALGAE AND BACTERIA HASA CHLORINATING GRANULES are rapid dissolving, stabilized, sixty % to be had chlorine, with a impartial pH. This makes HASA CHLORINATING GRANULES the very best selection to be used in a pool or spa. HELPFUL HINTS:Don’t alter pH and chlorinate on the similar time. At all times alter pH first, whilst pH is among 7.2-7.6, then alter chlorine degree to 1.five-three.0ppm. Each time chlorine residual is adjusted, permit clear out and pump to run no less than hours after addition of chemical. Stabilizing or “conditioning” pool water with HASA Pool Conditioner (cyanuric acid) will give protection to chlorine from being destroyed by means of ultraviolet radiation from the solar. Cyanuric acid ranges will have to be maintained within the 60- 80 ppm vary. Apply label directions on how to succeed in correct degree of cyanuric acid. HASA CHLORINATING GRANULES will build up the cyanuric acid ranges 5 ppm consistent with 6.5 oz.. DIRECTION FOR USE:The volume and frequency of use is ruled by means of the selection of swimmers, out of doors temperature, and illness from out of doors resources, e.g., wind storms, rain, suntan oils, perspiration, and different human waste. Use a competent check package with recent answers to decide pH, quantity of HASA CHLORINATING GRANULES essential for sanitation, and alkalinity. Perfect swimming stipulations are pH among 7.2- 7.6 ppm to be had chlorine residual among 1.five-three.00 ppm, and overall alkalinity about 100 ppm. NET WEIGHT 2LBS.
Hasa Chlorinating Granules 2lbs 61122
Hasa 61122
keeps the pool freed from algae and micro organism
Chlorinating Granules
pool cleansing chemical substances for swimming pools


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